Social Movements

  • The Essence of Socialism is Human

    Mansoor Hekmat interpreted Marx’s thoughts to argue that social production and consciousness are products of human action, not precursors to existence. He asserted that revolutions, like the French, increase consciousness and transform society. Social arrangements like capitalism or socialism, while consciously constructed, do not define humanity. Hekmat emphasized that true socialism centers on returning agency to people, transcending class and identity, making it clear that the essence of socialism is human-focused, aiming for a society where humanity, not systemic structures, takes precedence.

  • left in Greece and the Crisis of Nice Racism

    The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan has been a disaster for the country’s people, particularly women. For instance, restrictions on women’s education and work have been imposed, leading to the closure of high schools and universities for women. There have been protests against these restrictions at some universities, and some male students have refused to take classes or avoided exams because of the them.