December 2022

  • The Middle East and the Road to Peace

    In the Middle East, progressive political groups, including those on the left, right, seculars and radicals such as communists and anarchists, often face brutal suppression by authoritarian governments. At the same time, Islamist groups in the region also actively oppose and attack these progressive movements, using tactics such as assassination, murder, and forced disappearance.

  • The Workers’ Revolt: Labor’s Role in Iran’s Nationwide Uprisings

    Why, after more than two months of protests, have nationwide strikes not yet occurred in Iran, and how do the demands of the current uprising for “women, life, freedom” align with those of the working class? To address these questions, we spoke with Parvin Mohammadi, the vice-chairman of the Independent Iranian Workers’ Union. With years of experience in the labor movement and a history of interrogations, arrests, and trials due to her activism, Mohammadi believes that “national labor strikes will happen, but on a different schedule, when this movement becomes wider and involves crowds of thousands in cities.”

  • Iran: The Construction of a National Identity

    A critical study of how Iranian nationalism, itself largely influenced by Orientalist scholarship first undertaken by the European Orientalists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has shaped modern conceptions of Iran and Iranian identity, as well as narratives of Iranian history, leading to the adoption of a broad nationalist construction of identity to suit Iranian political and ideological circumstances.

  • Iran: A protester was executed

    Five protesters have been sentenced to death in an show-court in Alborz province, which had only three so-called hearings and lasted only six days. Sixteen people were convicted in this show-court, five of whom were sentenced to death, and the remaining eleven were sentenced to long prison terms. Three children under are among those convicted. […]

  • Iranian Moral Police to Guidance Patrol

    When it is said that the moral “police” has been closed, it means that it has been removed from the state administrative and will not act as police unit but still, “Guidance Patrol”. This force can continue to exist as it was before 2005. It should be emphasized that the Islamic Republic with all its political and social structure is a moral police.