• Ankara’s “Hospitality” Strategy: Syrian Refugees in Turkey

    As the upcoming presidential election draws near, political parties are making a variety of promises on how to handle the refugee crisis. Unfortunately, one of the topics dominating election news is the potential deportation of refugees back to their home countries in order to stem the flow of movement across borders.

  • From Hope to Despair: The Failure of the EU-Turkey Statement

    In 2016, the European Union (EU) and Turkey reached a deal known as the EU-Turkey Statement, aimed at managing the large influx of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe from conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the agreement, Turkey agreed to take back all refugees and migrants who arrived in Greece illegally, while the EU pledged to provide Turkey with financial assistance and visa liberalization for Turkish citizens.

  • Distress Geography

    Distress Geography

    The result of such a situation is a desperate and naked life. It will be as though you are a prisoner trying to find a place between “humans” and “animals.” It is a situation that is characterized by a decline in morals. You will become a target for all kinds of attacks, a miserable entity that begs for basic needs, just a number throughout all levels of government.

  • Turkey as a refugee limbo

    The Republic of Turkey is a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol, maintaining the geographical limitation to the 1951 Convention, thus retaining resettlement to a third country as the most preferred durable solution for refugees arrived due to the events occurred outside of Europe.

  • Racism; Church is one of the main culprits!

    white supremacy, beliefs and ideas purporting natural superiority of the lighter-skinned, or “white,” human races over other racial groups. In contemporary usage, the term white supremacist has been used to describe some groups espousing ultra-nationalist, racist, or fascist doctrines. White supremacist groups often have relied on violence to achieve their goals. why?