• Untold Story of Binke: The 1979 Resistance of Sanandaj’s City Council

    In a bold and unapologetic exploration, Zaniar Omrani’s documentary “Binke” (The Base) tears into the fabric of Sanandaj’s contemporary political landscape. Omrani doesn’t just depict history; he thrusts viewers into the heart of the furnace. From the explosive liberation of political prisoners in 1979 to the tumultuous birth of Rojhelat’s self-governance, “Binke” refuses to look away. It confronts the formidable establishment of city councils and captures the raw defiance of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s assault on Kurdistan. And let’s not overlook Jina’s fiery 2022 revolt—a fierce battle cry to reclaim the very essence of public sovereignty. This isn’t just…

  • War Crimes in Rojava: NATO’s Silence on Turkish Attacks

    Since October 4, Turkey has been intensifying its military attacks on Northern Syria, allegedly striking civilian infrastructure under the pretense of targeting the People’s Defense Units. Claiming a right to self-defense, Turkey asserts it has not primarily targeted Northern Syria’s vital foundations, a claim contested by senior Syrian Democratic Forces officials. These relentless airstrikes have caused widespread destruction, estimated over a billion dollars, depriving more than two million people of their daily needs. Meanwhile, Turkey’s long-standing conflict with the Kurds continues, adding fuel to the tension in the region.

  • Makhmour Refugee Camp: A Sanctuary amidst Conflict

    In distressing news, the Makhmour Camp, which has been frequently targeted by Turkish airstrikes, is now facing a siege by the Iraqi army. On May 20th, special army units accompanied by armored vehicles attempted to encircle the camp with wire fences and establish towers in strategic locations. However, the residents of the camp strongly opposed these measures, leading to clashes with the army. One person was injured as a result of the army’s attacks, further fueling the determination of the camp residents, who are now in their first week of resistance.

  • The Political Foundations of Kurdistan’s Leftist and Communist Cooperation Council

    In the past months of the ongoing revolution in Iran, numerous pictures and videos from different Kurdish cities were published on social networks, which had a more radical political message than what was going on in other parts of Iran. “Long live socialism”, “Long live the council management” and emphasizing the opposition to the centralized government along with the capture of urban facilities to make the voices of the fighters louder.

  • Maria’s murder: what caused it?

    On the eve of “International Women’s Day” in Erbil, Iraq, 20-year-old influencer Iman Sami Magdeed, nicknamed “Maria”, was murdered by her brother. As well as advocating for women’s rights and the rainbow community (LGBTQI+) on social media, she loved to sing and occasionally posted videos of herself singing.