• Palestine: Solidarity without Blind Spots

    Marx’s analysis links primitive accumulation of capital and colonialism as two pillars of capitalist expansion, involving violent expropriation and exploitation tied to colonial ventures. This historical critique aligns with contemporary leftist debates in places like Greece, where the left grapples with anti-imperialist narratives and the ethical implications of alliances and trade with oppressive regimes. These discussions challenge the left to address both international solidarity and the intersection of capitalism, imperialism, and nationalism, prompting a reevaluation of strategies supportive of global class struggles.

  • Greece: The Uncertain Future of the Helios Program

    The HELIOS refugee integration project in Greece, managed by the International Organization for Migration and the Greek Ministry, was abruptly halted due to funding shortfalls since early 2024, leaving many refugees vulnerable to homelessness. The suspension hinders access to housing support, language courses, and employment resources. Funding inconsistencies and bureaucratic hurdles have plagued the program, affecting not only refugees but also employees, with many dismissed without compensation or clarity on future job security. Despite its intention to aid recognized refugees, HELIOS has struggled with mismanagement and financial problems, prompting appeals for a comprehensive local housing strategy to address the ongoing…

  • Behind the Bravado: The Human Costs of Mitsotakis’ Falsehoods

    Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis boasted about excelling in migration management at a recent conference, but crucial issues were conveniently omitted. Violations of international laws and human rights, pushbacks of thousands of refugees, and a tragic shipwreck involving over 650 lives paint a different picture. European Commission’s silence and financial support contribute to these atrocities. The EU’s border closures and focus on security over rights and welfare further exacerbate the crisis. Activist repression and the drastic spike in arrivals raise concerns about Greece’s migration policies. These are not just numbers, but human lives at stake, revealing a deeply flawed and…

  • Seeking Refuge in Chains: The Plight of Homayoun Sabetara

    In September 2022, Homayoun Sabetara, a native of Iran, was handed an 18-year prison sentence for “aiding unauthorized entry into the EU from third countries.” Having driven a car from Turkey to Greece with six others seeking refuge, he was apprehended by the police in Thessaloniki. For the past two years, the almost 60-year-old has remained behind bars, while his daughter, Mahtab Sabetara, has been tirelessly advocating for his release, along with other refugees detained in Greece under charges of “people smuggling.”

  • Obstruction and Repression: Greek Law Forces Mare Liberum’s Dissolution

    In a somber announcement, the human rights monitoring group Mare Liberum has announced its withdrawal from Lesvos island, the end of its operations, and the dissolution of the association. The decision came after five years of operation in the Aegean, during which the group faced multiple forms of sabotage, obstruction, and repression.

  • left in Greece and the Crisis of Nice Racism

    The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan has been a disaster for the country’s people, particularly women. For instance, restrictions on women’s education and work have been imposed, leading to the closure of high schools and universities for women. There have been protests against these restrictions at some universities, and some male students have refused to take classes or avoided exams because of the them.

  • Refugee Camps in Greece: From Asylum to Imprisonment

    The brutal reality of refugee camps in Greece has been exposed by the EODY workers’ union, who have issued a damning statement about the conditions faced by asylum seekers. According to the union, the government is turning Reception and Identification Centers into real prisons, complete with double NATO-style military fencing, card and fingerprint entry gates, and surveillance systems. Asylum seekers are being forced to live in these structures, with their freedom severely restricted, even though they have committed no crime.

  • The Intersection of Industrial Power and Immigration Policy

    In recent years, Greece has seen a reconfiguration of its migrant concentration camps, with new camps being erected on islands and existing camps being converted into “closed controlled centers” surrounded by walls. These military-style camps are part of a broader racist-colonial system operating within Greece and throughout Europe.

  • From Hope to Despair: The Failure of the EU-Turkey Statement

    In 2016, the European Union (EU) and Turkey reached a deal known as the EU-Turkey Statement, aimed at managing the large influx of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe from conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the agreement, Turkey agreed to take back all refugees and migrants who arrived in Greece illegally, while the EU pledged to provide Turkey with financial assistance and visa liberalization for Turkish citizens.

  • Greece’s New Immigration Bill: Facilitating Entry, Ignoring Rights

    The new Immigration bill. What a fascinating piece of work. It’s like watching a magician perform a sleight-of-hand trick, distracting us with one hand while the other is doing something entirely different. In this case, the government is proposing to overhaul the legal framework governing immigration in Greece, while simultaneously erecting insurmountable barriers to the protection of the rights of immigrants who have been living in the country for years.

  • A Revolutionary Power for Empathy and Solidarity

    Yuliya, a Ukrainian expat, recently had a challenging encounter with some Greek leftists. We met last summer and had interesting conversation and sharing thoughts about the global left. We shared this point that it is crucial for the left to recognize the complexities of political situations in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Iran, and not fall into the trap of blindly supporting regimes that claim to be anti-imperialist. The left must acknowledge that there can be authoritarian and oppressive regimes that are not aligned with the West.

  • From Grief to Action: The Call for Change in Greece

    The Greek railway network has been on a countdown towards a serious accident for some time now. The last 15 years have been marked by neglect, with infrastructure and services constantly deteriorating. Projects on the Athens-Thessaloniki axis have been delayed, and contracts were only aimed at patching up the imperfections and poor workmanship of previous ones. The lack of staff has been dramatic, a result of the memoranda that have effectively cut the railway, and it has been clear that a major disaster was waiting to happen.