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The Emergence of Islamic Reaction:
A Look at Iran’s Pre-Revolutionary Years

This text discusses the impact of the 1979 revolution in Iran on the country’s political, intellectual, and cultural space, as well as the transformation of the left in Iran. The revolution was a widespread and spontaneous movement driven by the demands and rights of the people, and was not the result of any specific political party or force. Tthe revolution had no relation to Islam and was anti-revolutionary, with the failure of the 1957 revolution due to the anti-revolutionary actions of the Iranian bourgeoisie and their Western supporters. The West, particularly the United States, could not tolerate the potential for the anti-Shah movement in Iran to evolve into a social revolution that could bring the left to power, leading them to appeal to the forces of the Islamic opposition.

A New Dawn: Iran’s Struggle for Freedom and Equality

The state murder of a 22-year-old women named Mahsa for inappropriate wearing hijab sparked the a big uprising that now we must call it revolution. A women whose her second name was Zhina, which in kurdish means life. The murder of a “life” has sparked the beginning of a great revolution to end the life of a death-dealing regime, to end the life of the monster of political Islam.