Athens Ethnography

For many years, Athens has been home to various ethnic groups. Having been a gateway to other European countries for years, the city has a long history of immigration. It has a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own history. Over many years and generations, immigrants have lived and shaped these neighborhoods. Those people are now part of the city’s fabric, and this study attempts to show how they live in the Athens metropolis and what that means to them.

During this exercise, residents from different neighborhoods around Athens take part in mental mapping. This exercise is not about city itself and neighborhoods. This shows how people are spread throughout the city and how they are involved in shaping urban life. where they go, where they gather, and for what purpose.

I’m interested in social issues at the neighborhood level and I want to know people face what difficulties on their life.

Zahra – she is giving me an interview and making her map about the city.