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Iran: A Movement for Life Against Execution

Recent reports from Iran show a troubling increase in executions, with political dissidents like Worishe Moradi and Shahab Nad-Ali charged with “Baghy,” equating to rebellion. January 2024 saw 86 executions, outpacing new death sentences. This reflects an apparent policy shift or “cleansing” effort, with the death penalty used to suppress opposition and violate international human rights standards. Despite international condemnation, such as Mohammad Qobadloo’s case, the executions continue unabated, highlighting a disregard for basic human rights and international pleas.

Mohammed Ghobadlou; Story of a State Murder

24-year-old Mohammed Ghobadlou was executed in Iran for alleged involvement in protests after Mahsa/Jina Amini’s death. He faced charges of murder and Moharebeh, driving into police and causing death and injuries. His trial lacked proper legal representation, and his execution, the ninth linked to protests, followed dubious judicial processes, sparking international concern and domestic strikes and protests. The government’s crackdown, including capital punishment, was criticized for lack of transparency and due process. Human rights organizations call for an end to executions, as they mostly target the impoverished, oppressed, or dissenting individuals, and equate state killings to murder.