After the first emergency vaccination permits for the Corona vaccine were issued worldwide, Iranians started using the hashtag “Buy Vaccine” on social media. However, the speech delivered by the Islamofascism leader, Ali Khamenei, in early January dashed many hopes. In a speech that drew many reactions, he banned the import of “US and British vaccines.”

Iranians reacted strongly to the ban, calling it a crime and urging him not to impose his individual choice on the Iranian people. However, the Minister of Health claimed that when a father makes a decision, it is for the benefit of the family, and everyone must respect that decision. Further, the Minister of Health and other officials claimed that Iran would soon become one of the world’s largest producers of the Corona vaccine.

Despite the sensational opening of the Iranian vaccine production line, the government could never fulfill this promise. The budget, which could have funded the vaccination of 70 million people, instead went to a foundation, which has provided less than 2 million doses of vaccine and whose efficacy is not known.

Thus, Iran was unable to buy the vaccine during the golden time, and currently, there are more than 40,000 positive tests and 600 deaths per day as a consequence. Social media is flooded with photos and videos of hospital overcrowding and an array of medical equipment shortages posted by doctors and nurses.

The more painful point is that the Corona vaccine left the black market in Iran and was priced at 100 euros. Many people in the country (especially the elderly) have been waiting a long time for the second dose of their vaccine. My parents finally received their second dose after a long wait. As well as after the deadline.

During the past few weeks, the regime’s propaganda abroad has focused on the point that US sanctions had prevented it from obtaining vaccines. That’s an obvious lie, of course. The economic sanctions imposed by the United States have exacerbated the situation. Doing business with Iran is extremely risky for most banks and companies. But, according to the US, there are no sanctions against medical needs. Iranian authorities but deny this point. However, Iranian banking relationships are being affected by sanctions in every way due to sanctions.

In this case, however, getting the Corona vaccine has nothing to do with the sanctions. Japan offered Iran to use its financial resources from there to obtain the vaccine in April, but Iranian officials rejected the offer on that period.

Under the auspices of the WHO, the COVAX program has been launched to help purchase and distribute Corona vaccines in weaker countries. Earlier this year, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Investment Control issued a permit removing legal obstacles for Iran to purchase the vaccine.

In some reports, some Iranian domestic media outlets have praised efforts to produce domestic vaccines, stating that self-sufficiency is the main reason for not importing “foreign vaccines.”

A few weeks ago, Khamenei, Islamofascism leader, announced after receiving the second dose of his vaccine: “Of course, it is good to use the foreign vaccine also!” In his today’s public meeting, he called on people to pray for self-defense!

In addition, the Islamic President said that Iran is ready to purchase the vaccinations soon by buying foreign doses. On social media, people write that the regime is taking revenge on them for the protests.

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