Exterminate all lies!

When Islamist fascist gained political power in Iran, the left side of the European right-wing started to dominant communism discourses by representing these fascist force as an colonial-imperialism fighter.

By postmodernism, they were able to construct meaningless communism and creating a false and fake alternative forces under name of fighting imperialism by controlled fascism, which now they are dominated powers in former colonial countries, former dominated by, or allied with the United States (like Iran).

This dangerous and horrific shift, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was a major ideological blow to the body of communism. Today, all the left side of the the right-wing such as left nationalist, left patriot, left religious tendencies are seen in movements calling themselves communism, which is absolutely fake.

The foundation for these deviations can be found in the prevalence of non-communism and non-anarchist views on capital, capitalism, imperialism. Important political and tactical deviations such as recognizing a part of the capitalism as “national and progressive”, substituting the policy of class collaboration for the endeavor to form in practice a revolutionary anti-imperialist front, insufficient work in ‘ceaselessly exposing the left liberalism and the conservative section of the petty capitalism, and consequently abandoning the political leadership of the democratic struggles into the hands of the petty bourgeoisie, the left liberalism, etc, are all, from the theoretical aspect, reflections of the immense gulf which separates “revolutionary” theory from the teachings of Marx and Lenin on the criticism of the economy of capitalism and its highest stage, imperialism.

This is how the left side of the right-wing in Greece for example is able to falsely represent the Islamic Republic of being an enemy of imperialism, and calling a neolliberal conservative president, who was one of the main responsible in the massacre of hundreds of communists and suppressors of labor movements in this country as a leftist and a social democrat! Totally ignorant on a majority of subject…

In the absence of such an atmosphere that the brutal repression and exploitation of the working class in Iran does not arouse anyone’s feelings, but the firing of IRGC missiles makes some people in the name of the left in Europe happy and call Islamist fascists in Iran, freedom fighters! And the importance of this historic shift becomes clear when we recall that President Reagan addressed the same Islamist who call themselves Taliban and al-Qaeda today, as freedom fighters!

It is in such an atmosphere that today criticizing Islamist fascist in Iran or the oligarchs in Russia not only does not attract attention, but they are considered the only real fighters against capitalism and imperialism.

Today it has become the fashion for the pseudo-communist/anarchists to look to see which ingredient has least gone into making their left. They want to make socialism more democratic, make more room in it for nationalism, patriotism, religion and so on and they want to fight racism and discrimination in the same time! It is their own doctrine; they can do with it what they like. I prefer to refer them to as the left side of the right-wing.

That is why the image of a black man wearing the uniform of the Presidential Guard delights them, but they are silent in the face of systematic and daily racism and discrimination against black people. What matters is not the human but the national history and costume! They just forgot how the recognition of workers, women, immigrants, Indigenous and black people as countable individuals and the extension of democracy to them, has itself been the result of decades of struggle by them against the existing democracies. Which even this has not yet been realized in most of the democracies. However, the basis for democracy is not the human being as an absolute, legitimate, and inviolable entity, but the individual as a countable unit. In democracy, the human being is reduced to a vote.

The difference I see concerns how we approach the history of the movement; that is, how communism introduces itself and undrestand its past.

The way in which existing communism traces its own history, shows to what actual part of society it belongs. I don’t understand why we should consider all those who, under the hammer-and-sickle banner, wished to plan the national economy and organize wage labor in their country, those who sought to reclaim their national rights, consume the bread and butter produced in their own sacred homeland, and have democracy, or whoever felt ‘alienated’ in the ‘post-industrial’ society, as part of the history of communism, but file under the history of trade-unionism the Indian/Chilean/British/Iranian miners’ strike who for a whole year fought the entire capitalism, from its police down to its pen-pushers, or classify the workers’ council movement in this or that country under the history of anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism. Or during World War II a priest or an anti-occupation nationalist who calls himself a communist has entered the war!

So our first distinction with the existing socialism as a whole is over the history of communism itself; not only past history but, rather, the living history of today going on before our very eyes. For us the history of communism is not the history of an ideology but that of a class struggle. Once we look at it from this angle, we begin to realize what these people have done to the ideology itself, and how, today, when their own movement has reached the end they are also announcing the end of Marxism, i.e. the worker’s criticism of capitalism.

This different way of looking at the history of communism not only allows us to reject the existing scenarios and problematic, but already confronts us with a vast and totally different set of theoretical and practical problems which are essentially not addressed by the existing communism. Some of our differences with these currents, therefore, find expression in what they do not say or understand.

It is high time that we once again, just like when communism crushed nationalism at the time of the First World War and replied to democracy in the October Revolution, make communism independent of any residues of influence of these trends on a vast social scale.

In such a jungle world, in such an anarchic world, what could be better for world capitalism than the absence of the danger of socialism? What can guarantee their competition for the division of the world? Yes, we live in a world where capitalism not only does not see itself in danger of confronting socialism, but has, to the extent possible, exploited the discourse of socialism to justify itself.

To increase the parasite’s minority interests in a time when corruption, oligarchy, racism, repression, wage cuts, reduced social services, reduced access to medical care, etc., are spreading and called democracy, we are facing to be fool by capitalism that corrupted and oligarch Russian’s Putin after this war (which he was/is their friend and companion), today is the representative of communism!

This just show basically two thing: communism yet is a dangerous power against capitalism, and communists will need to once again present their manifesto as a viable alternative to capitalism.

Communism has lost it’s ownership on it’s words, definitions and the agenda. This is our duty to take them back…



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