Amirhossein Mohammadi Fard is a journalist and labor activist who has been repeatedly imprisoned for his activism. In this article, he analyzes the efforts of the right-wing opposition.

Our society is currently facing a serious revolutionary crisis, which has created the opportunity for nationwide transformation. This crisis has been fueled by recent revolutionary uprisings, including the bloody January 2018 and November 2019 protests, as well as numerous labor strikes. The political atmosphere in our society has become highly polarized as a result. It is clear that the pro-Western right-wing political forces do not represent the interests of the working class or those who seek freedom. In the current revolutionary process, the bourgeois right-wing opposition, aided by a strong media presence and the efforts of influential lobbyists in the West, still has lost political influence compared to the other class poles.

The revolutionary rise of “Women, Life, Freedom” has resulted in opposition from workers, women activists, and young people seeking freedom and equality not just against the capitalist government, but also against the manufacturing pro-Western leaders and alternatives. The freedom and equality movement seeks nothing less than the end of capitalist rule and the achievement of happiness and freedom. This has created fear and uncertainty for the pro-Western right-wing camp. Capitalism and its political currents are worried about the inevitable uprising of the masses, who are dissatisfied with their difficult living conditions and existing oppression. The bourgeoisie and its forces are working to develop alternatives and leadership in response to the current revolutionary situation. However, the fear of oppressed workers, dominated and discriminated women, and young people who prevented them from a bright future, has repeatedly shaken the bourgeoisie and its political forces, forcing them to react.

Iranian society has become rapidly polarized during the recent revolutionary surge. Libertarian people not only know what they don’t want, but they have also become more mature and aware in their quest for what they want. During this time of political polarization, the propaganda of bourgeois political forces in opposition to the revolution, who claim to represent “all together” and “national solidarity” under the flag of “Lion and Sun,” has continuously failed in the face of the class unity of the people and the flag of the working class. The people’s desire for freedom is in conflict with the royalists’ calls for “regime change in Iran” made outside of Iran. The daily slogan of societal freedom and the desire for equality expressed in streets, schools, and universities are fundamentally incompatible with the idea of “coalition” building and top-down leadership and with the tradition of political lobbying.

The conflict between the political right and left in society, and the class confrontation between these two political fronts, leaves no doubt about the need to avoid repeating the experience of the 1979 revolution. There is no “all together”. The political atmosphere in Iranian society depicts a final conflict between these two class camps. The right-wing camp’s policy of creating a leader through the pro-NATO camp, along with the declaration of solidarity by the right-wing opposition’s artistic and sports figures led by Reza Pahlavi, indicates that this current’s political functioning is in conflict with local leaders and organizations among the people.

Nationalists are seeking a leader for their revolution, hoping to rally the libertarians people in a highly polarized situation. Nationalists, who aspire to greatness of Iran, are aligning behind the emerging “Prince” and “Princess” and working to bring celebrities and lobbyists who have counted on “Pompeo” and the “Elysee Palace”. They receive support from international right-wing media, which constantly highlights this list of future “leaders and ministers,” in order to attract the attention of the West.

From creating “Twitter” blocks (With the start of the new year, a number of right-wing opposition figures outside Iran proclaimed 2023 as the year of “achievement of freedom and justice” in a tweet with a shared message. Notable among these individuals were Reza Pahlavi, Masih Alinejad, Hamed Esmaeilion, Nazanin Boniadi, Ali Karimi, and Golshifteh Farahani.) and aligning with celebrities removed from the governing body, and Iranian Trumpist lobbyists who represent “Masih Alinejad,” with the male survivor of the “Pahlavi” family as the political center of reactionary nationalists, to dominating the mainstream media, especially “Iran International,” the right-wing opposition is making clear efforts to be accepted by the U.S. ruling body and European governments. From the perspective of the pro-Western right-wing, it appears that all the “parameters” are in place to repeat the experience of Ukraine and create a figure like “Zelensky” against the revolutionary society of Iran. However, approval from Western powers remains uncertain. The ultimate goal of all this commotion is to be chosen by the Western powers.

The resent “Masquerade” show on Twitter is designed to aid the creation of a new leader policy (Pahlavist launched a campaign titled “You are our attorney”. They aim to present Reza Pahlavi as the lawyer/representative of the Iranian people for discussions with Western powers.), helping Pahlavists conceal their fear and desperation from the revolutionary ranks and showcase their ability to defeat the recent uprising to the West. Cowards and frauds who are afraid to openly state their intentions and unwilling to subject their political agenda to the judgment of the people, build leaders behind the backs of the people. In reality, the political and social forces in the right-wing opposition camp are attempting to maintain the bourgeoisie’s political control over society through economic sanctions and NATO’s warlike policies, by seeking the West’s interference in determining the fate of the people. This is to secure a safe passage for capitalism during this revolutionary crisis.

Iranian Trumpists and pro-Western right-wings see the “Ukraine” model as the future for their favorite society. The recent political alliance between the “Prince” with celebrities and lobbyists from the entertainment and athletes industries, and the Twitter controversy, conceal the plan to advance a leadership political agenda with the goal of Ukrainization Iranian society.

The right-wing opposition has no option but to strip power from the above of the people, and this requires the backing of the U.S. and Europe. The NATO-backed political movement’s approach to politics and its emulation of the “Ukraine” case reveal their total disregard for the fate of the Iranian people. However, the events in Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya have not been forgotten by human societies, particularly those in the Middle East. Wars, displacement, massacres, and finally the downfall of the cultural elites were the outcome of NATO’s so-called “humanitarian interventions.”

Politics based on lobbying instead of collective wisdom and mobility apart from the masses are contrary to principles of libertarianism and equality. The hidden agenda of right-wing political forces is to restrict the people’s involvement in decision-making processes. Instead, they push for a “velvet revolution.” The pro-NATO forces aim for a “color revolution” under the guise of “solidarity” with the victims of flight PS752 and claiming to be “defenders of the revolution.” This movement is seeking support from American senators and European governments to carry out the “Ukraine” scenario, which involves foreign intervention in the fate of the people and society, even if it means sacrificing the struggles and lives of the people.

The actions of the right-wing political forces pose a threat to the freedom and equality movement. It is contradictory to claim to represent the victims while allowing for foreign intervention from the Pentagon and NATO. The progressive and egalitarian society sees this collaboration with Western powers as a plot and has rejected these political actions to date.

The freedom and equality movement, starting from the “Woman, Life, Freedom” uprising, has consistently shifted the balance of power towards workers, women and those who value freedom and equality. Despite efforts by ethnic nationalist groups, Iranian Trumpists, and pro-Western right-wings to impose a “regime change” through the mainstream media instead of a revolution, people advocating for freedom and equality are distancing themselves further from these betrayers. The message to the fascist and pro-Western forces, as well as ethnic gangs, is clear: their attempts to interfere in the fate of the people will be thwarted.

It has been published for the first time in Persian language.

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