When human became God!

It was 12 years ago, 21 May 2010. Humanity celebrated a great historical milestone. A team of scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute announced that they have successfully created a living organism with a completely synthetic genome. As a result of human invention, a new single-celled organism has been created for the first time. In the biological sense of the word, human became “God” on that day!

Now, 12 years later we are facing an amazing picture of the beginning of the world. It’s a photo that expands and changes our perception of the universe and our knowledge of it completely. Just the size of a grain of sand, this photo shows us a part of the whole universe. We, along with everyone else we know, all come from here. Among the multitude of stars and galaxies and nothing else.

These huge scientific and technological developments are not only the beginning of a new industrial revolution, which is also a philosophical-political revolution. As humans have been producing life and looking towards the beginning of the universe, religions and nationalism, this diseases and pandemics in the past few thousand years, and especially our current scourge, should be greatly weakened. It is important to harm superstition and ignorance in general to make our class aware of their power and take it seriously.

This is a definite proof of an intellectual revolution that humans are the creators of history and the nature around them. Marx started this intellectual revolution. In theses on Feuerbach in 1845, he criticized all previous philosophy for considering external reality as either the product of matter without human intervention (materialism) or the product of an eternal and unreal spirit (idealism). In the same theses, he showed that the objective phenomena around us are either the result of our “practice” or we can know them to the extent that they are related to our “practice”. He showed that the explanation of the world is possible only with the revolutionary and social action of humans for its permanent change. Today’s scientific-industrial revolution, i.e. the creation of life by humans, showed that humans and their revolutionary practices are not only the builders of history, but also influence and even create the natural world as much as it is related to humans!

But unfortunately, the reality is different in practice for our class. The huge technological revolution that took place today will benefit humanity as far as the existing social relations allow. This revolution, like other industrial revolutions, will be used as much as the profit of capital, banks and the stock exchange requires. But at least after this amazing invention, people (those who have understood they should ask ) ask themselves, while they can create life, looking at the beginning of the universe, why we can’t solve our sufferings and problems?

Marx has already given the answer to this clearly. “The philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways, but the point, however, is to change it!” With their revolutionary practice, people must overthrow the current upside-down world that relies on the rule of capital and ownership of means of production on the work and creative activity of human beings.

The creation of life by humans and seeing the previous world is a great victory of humanity over superstition and ignorance, it is a solid evidence to prove Marx’s theory, and it should provide many possibilities for the liberation of humankind from the shackles of human wage slavery, this last form of slavery.

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